10 Critical Beliefs

By on Apr 28th, 2016.


  1. I’ve never had a client who needs a stronger weakness.  We concentrate on what works.
  2. Define what’s enough vs. what’s more than enough.  Figure out what’s enough for you — time, space, energy, and money, relationship, community, rest and relaxation, stimulation, and challenge.
  3.  Deep change happens in a heartbeat.  It’s maintaining it that takes effort.
  4. Too much talent begets – too many ideas – begets too many options on too many front burners.   Brilliance stores well.
  5. Feather-training replaces brick-bat when you’re committed to getting the message.
  6. There’s a Preparedness Test:  The more preparation that’s required, the more likely it is you shouldn’t be doing it
  7. Giving away power creates choices.
  8. People don’t want to know because they don’t want to blow their cover. But once once they do, they like flying free of it!
  9. Temporary solutions that become permanent can create big messes.  A past solution can become the seed of the next problem.
  10. When you cut the H.o.p.e and W.h.e.n business  out of your planning, you’re freed to optimize  today’s opportunities.
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