Nexus Point Collaborators

Nexus Point began as a Sinclair/Lowry joint-venture. It was born for the high purpose of connecting people who catalyze Optimal Human Functioning with other expert practitioners, their distinctive expertise, and those in the broader community who are drawn to these specific

Embedded throughout Nexus Point set of endeavors runs an underpinning philosophy of Optimal Functioning — a holistic concept that includes the full potential inherent in each of us to perform, learn, and thrive. It is an ideal state we may never fully attain. Yet, if we are interested in high performance, in expressing and developing our best
selves, in making a valuable contribution, then optimal functioning matters.

This means that all personal development – and all leadership development – is about working toward optimal functioning.

There are many factors that influence our level of functioning. Where then do we need to focus if we are interested in going for this? We need a practical approach that is powerful enough to provide leverage, without oversimplifying the complexity of the human condition. As defined here, Optimal Human Functioning at any point in time can be seen as a function of four core elements or core potentials:






The Nexus Point Collaborative was created to explore such possibility and to bring those of like-interest and intention together internationally. It became a part of something we have termed Generation Savvy – around which research, exploration of concepts and ideas, development tools and future programs grew.


Additional Collaborators

Melinda Sinclair, D.Phil., Chartered Business Coach™MelindaSinclair

She comes to her work as a life-long learner and facilitator of other’s learning. This is informed by more than thirty-five years’ experience working in knowledge-based and learning oriented environments.

Sinclair and Lowry, together in co-development and sharing many core values personally and professionally, bring new learning opportunities forward. Together, they draw unique connections and create multi-layered learning experiences that challenge and stretch others in meaningful and surprising, refreshing ways. Examples of their own current focuses in this process are centered around programs capitalizing on realized strengths as well as specific offerings entitled:

  • The Harmonious Life™ Series
  • Procrastination – OR Disguised Brilliance?
  • Future Leaders Series

Christine Martin, MA, MBA, MCCChristineMartin

Martin has been a high performance business consultant and executive coach since 1992, and is Founder/President and CEO of T.L. Consultants and co-Founder/Principal of Innovation Coaching. She has formerly taught ethics, leadership, and organizational theory within Pepperdine University and is most recently a founding faculty member and advisor to the University of Texas at Dallas in the graduate level Executive and Professional Coaching Program.

Lowry and Martin have been working together on the emerging edge of the credentialing process and the establishment of ethical guidelines and standards of conduct together for the small business and corporate-coaching industries for over two decades.

A number of advanced programs have naturally grown out of their concentrated focus on supporting core competencies now also adopted by both the coaching field as well as by tandem industries.

  • Most recently their co-joint offerings by invitation to those seeking advanced levels of training have been:
  • “What Do I Do With What I Shouldn’t Know ??: The Challenges of Confidentiality in professional coaching.”
  • “The A-Typical Client: Coaching Individuals Who Are Devoted or Serial Entrepreneurs, ‘Over-The-Top’ Type A’s, and/or ADHD?”
  • “Love Those Competencies! : Understanding and Leveraging The Eleven International Coach Federation’s Core Competencies.


IncedoGroupIncedo Group, LLC

Lowry served as a mentor coach to this executive coaching firm that excels in a number of areas of service delivery – all with a cogent focus upon communication, productivity, and growth. In addition to key executives, Incedo Group works with organizations with their emerging leaders to leverage their natural strengths, strengthen their effective communication intelligence, gain performance momentum and ultimately, and to truly love what they do within their company everyday. This automatically draws new talent into their firms as it retains their highest potentials in these very competitive times. It was Lowry’s privilege to also identify the field’s top coaches to bring to these matches and to provide background support for their best efforts in carrying out the engagements

Newfield Network – USA

NewfieldWhen “more of the same” just isn’t an option, one place to look is to The Newfield Network. Newfield worldwide provides cutting-edge learning programs in the fields of leadership development & executive coaching, coach training and personal transformation. At Newfield you learn to see and interact differently with your world so that you generate effective action, meaningful living AND wisdom. Any of these without the others is insufficient.

Following her own learning experience within Newfield USA programs, Lowry has always been appreciative of the option to join professional hands with this staff in a variety of endeavors. Included in these in the recent past:

  • An Ontological Approach:4-Month Advanced Coaching Series —
    The Experience and Application of Ontological Coaching
  • An Integral Model and Practices:
    Featuring Four Ontological Coach-Specialists

ShaboomShaboom, Inc.

Founder/Principal Molly Gordon and Lowry have been collaborating and aligning their own businesses in a MollyGordonnumber of venues. Offerings to grow out of this have included:

  • C-P-R: Coach-Power Resource Group – A 12-week teleseries for well-established professionals with a shared commonality of being avidly on the emerging edge of continuous learning. The emphasis was to provide tools, resources, and experiences to facilitate their own progress in ALSO becoming their very own most valued-resource – as well as in leveraging the benefits they so commonly sought externally.
  • A Plain English Practicum for Experienced Coaches: Real Life Applications of Integral _and Ontological Coaching — Ken Wilber’s Integral model is one approach to correlate and integrate every aspect of consciousness and experience. It’s a mega-model with all the advantages and disadvantages of a highly detailed, incredibly rich, and complex thought system. In other words, it is both brilliant, and for too many, can also be practically useless without translation. This tele-seminar chunked down Integral distinctions, demonstrated their application to coaching, and offered to equip the experienced coach to use them. Each session included application of an Integral principle or distinction to a coaching situation brought by one of the participants. Cogent summaries of key concepts and coaching tools were supplied. A private listserv enabled ongoing support as participants applied the work between sessions together.”